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We Provide both primary and comprehensive client representation. Our services range from press releases and media placement to issues research and management, strategic communications counsel, crisis communication, media training, video and television production, and multi-media and web design.

We also provide retainer agreements for organizations that would like professional public relations counsel and plan implementation on an ongoing basis.

Strategic Planning

We represent our clients by helping to determining their goals, performing a situational analysis of the market, crafting the message, selecting appropriate mediums, and putting together a plan to help distinguish them from their competition.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are an important tool for gauging public perception at a point in time on defined topics. They allow businesses and researchers to develop, package, or test new products or processes before they are made available or implemented. They can also be used for gaining access to various cultural and social groups and for raising unexpected issues for exploration. Most important, they allow feedback before commitments of time, money, and resources are made.

Public Relations Campaigns

We have the capability to develop strategies and lay out plans for client implementation. But we also have the ability to implement them for you and to regularly monitor the progress and results of long term plans, including making the right media buys.

Crisis Communication

Businesses where an accident or disaster could cause widespread casualties or property damage should have a plan to respond to and work with the media in getting the word out to affected external and internal publics and stakeholders.

That should include designated spokespersons to provide regular press briefings as necessary. There are two levels of crisis communication. The first involves an immediate response to an emergency situation or disaster. The second concerns ongoing communication with the media and affected publics as the incident unfolds.

We can provide immediate on-site analysis and help to manage the first few hours after things go wrong, in addition to follow up support. We can also draft crisis communication plans tailored to the needs of specific businesses.

Media Training

Most business leaders associate media training with dealing with a hostile media after things go wrong.

Knowing how to address the issues that affect one’s business also applies to getting out good news in such a way that it enhances the message.

As much as 90 percent of the message conveyed during a video interview is visual, not what’s said. Clothing, stance, unconscious gestures and unfamiliarity with one’s message can easily overpower a positive message or make bad news seem more negative.

The time for media training is before a crisis occurs. We can provide training on how best to determine core issues and craft messages that address them, as well as train spokespersons and executives on presentation skills before they face the unblinking eye of the camera.

Website Design and Internet Marketing

We work closely with Elevatid, a Delaware Website Design and Internet Marketing Company, to create online success for our clients. We help define your goals, and create effective web strategies to communicate your messages.

Video Production

We have a close working relationship with Timelie Media Productions, and TNT Video Productions, award-winning, high-end production teams based in Delaware.

Press Release Book

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